Uncluttered Course Review

One of my big goals for the year is simplifying around our house.

Besides finding ways to cut down on the routines, I’m also looking at removing the clutter, stuff, and let’s call it what it is – the junk- that’s taking up space.

I’m tired of having it around and  I don’t want it distracting me from more important stuff.

One of my favorite writers and motivators with minimalism and simplifying is Joshua Becker. He’s the creator of Becoming Minimalist and author of The More of Less, which I picked up.

It’s a great read by itself, but as part of the launch, he offered access to his Uncluttered course. I took up the offer and signed up.

How Uncluttered Works

If you’re looking to get some motivation and ideas on how to declutter, here’s my take as a member of the current Uncluttered course.

It’s a 12 week course (I finished up the third week and in the middle of the fourth right now).

There are four modules, each covering a specific topic:

  • Find Your Motivation
  • Unclutter Your Home
  • Develop New Habits
  • Experiment with Less

Josh opens up a new module each week on Mondays. Materials include a video, readings, and an exercise.

Some modules are much longer than others. For example, the unclutter your home module is 5 weeks long, which sounds about right since you’re tackling your place room by room.

There are also webinars with Joshua during the course which you can catch live or watch later.

Since its designed so you can work at your own pace, if you’re out for a week, you can pick up where you left off.

The advantage of following it week by week is that you can engage with the community online on Facebook. It’s an encouraging group.

Getting the Most of Out of the Uncluttered Course

As with most things, you can get more out if you put the effort in.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

  • Make a schedule: Prioritize this by making it a part of your schedule. It doesn’t take much to read, watch, and work through the challenge. For me, I use the morning as my project time. The kids are either asleep or quiet so I can give my full attention.
  • Set a goal: Human nature can make it easy to start comparing one another’s progress. Turn that energy into something positive and have a goal for the course. It’ll also make it easier to track your progress.
  • Interact with the community: The Facebook group makes it easy to chat and share tips and stories.

Thoughts on Uncluttered

I’m enjoying it so and I can’t wait to share how things turn out.

Note: This will be a real time review. As I wrap up each week, I’ll add my notes here so you don’t have to hunt around.

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